Akos Medek
MEng, MA (Cantab)
Structural Engineer

There was a time when structural engineering was an analogue profession – think drawing boards and T-squares.

Those days are long gone of course, but Akos still maintains the nearly-lost art of sketching as a tool to help stimulate his creativity and generate ideas. He’s equally adept with task-specific software to refine his more involved structural calculations, but there’s nothing quite like a pencil and a blank sheet of paper to get things started.

It’s an approach reflective of how he sees engineering – an interesting combination of creative thinking, analytical skills, and practical know-how. He uses all these qualities to investigate different design responses and drive optimal results for his projects and his clients.

As well as having experience in the delivery of more conventional buildings, Akos also has a particular interest in complex geometries and parametric design. He has worked on concept development for several bespoke, visually-driven building shapes and canopies.

Outside work, you’ll find him on the tennis court, the swimming pool or his bicycle.


020 7631 5128