James Wallace
BEng MEng
Structural Engineer

James is someone with an eye for the bigger picture. He’s someone who understands the role he plays in something more substantial than the sum of its parts.

He sees structural engineering as a discipline with a professional and moral duty to improve people’s lives in a sustainable way. For him, this means not only designing sound, interesting structures, but doing so in a way which has as little effect on the natural environment as possible whilst being completely mindful of both the client and the future user’s requirements.

James takes great pride in the fact that as a structural engineer, he can have a great, positive societal and environmental impact through the provision of quality structures that have been sustainably designed.

Effective relationships are integral to a healthy, collaborative project team and a productive workplace. James works hard to ensure positive outcomes and he enjoys meeting people from all walks of life both at work and in his personal life.


020 7631 5128