Kamran Hussain
BEng MSc
Structural Engineer

Louis Kahn’s Bangladesh Parliament Building in Dhaka is a piece of monolithic modernism, an austere beauty that helped define the confidence of a newly independent nation. Kamran visited the building as a child, and it left an indelible mark on him.

As a student, his natural affinity for mathematics and physics drew him beyond an admiration for architecture’s aesthetic qualities and an increasing interest in its engineering.

After graduating from university, Kamran joined Price & Myers where he has been developing his career predominantly in refurbishments, particularly of historic buildings. ‘I enjoy conserving history and culture but bringing it up to date for future generations to experience and enjoy.’

Kamran’s confidence is growing as he spends more time with design teams and on-site, making increasingly informed contributions to his projects. ‘It’s still early in my career but I enjoy learning and meeting people face-to-face.’ The young engineer also flushes with pride when visiting his projects. ‘I’ve driven passed some of my sites with my family and I love pointing them out,’ he adds.

Having joined the practice in 2021, Kamran aims to achieve chartership and continue building his career.


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