Marina Arbore
Structural Engineer

Marina’s grandfather was a contractor in her native southern Italy and, as a child, she was always fascinated by his work.

As her studies developed, she took that fascination and combined it with her developing skills in physics, mathematics, architecture and design. She calls it ‘the perfect cocktail’. An engineer was born.

To Marina, engineering is more than a professional discipline, it is a way of thinking. She sees the ability for engineering to solve complex problems for the benefit of people all around the world, not just on her projects.

Chief among them, the challenge of climate change. Her university thesis was related to construction materials and how to reduce embodied carbon emissions.

Marina’s approach to that challenge is to advocate effective responses to clients and to contractors – to show how methods of minimising embodied carbon can benefit everyone.

She also spread her vision to help other students to raise awareness on global warming, during her work as student’s assistant for the University course of Technology and Urban Planning within the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

In 2015 Marina moved to London, where she worked as a structural engineer, joining Price & Myers in 2021. She has worked on a varied range of projects and materials. She manages the day-to-day design of structures from scheme through to completion, providing structural design and specifications and overseeing the production of the structural drawings. She is also a member of the Climate Action Group at Price & Myers.

Outside of work, Marina is a keen gym-goer and, as a former ballet dancer, she’s a regular at ballet performances at the Royal Opera House.


020 7631 5128



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