Nadir Coowar
Structural Engineer

There is a word in Japanese – ‘kaizen’ – that loosely translates into English as ‘constant and never-ending improvement’. It’s a word that could be used to describe Nadir’s approach to his work.

Nadir points out that engineers are always trying to improve things – to research and learn and be better than they were yesterday. Some might see the need to be constantly coming up with more efficient designs as a burden, but Nadir sees it as an opportunity. He says, ‘there’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming across a challenge and devising the best and most efficient solution’.

He enjoys the ever-increasing emphasis on low carbon design, and the need it brings to think in different ways. Nadir is a realist, but also an optimist. Every step he takes towards a better, more sustainable design makes him feel like he is helping to ‘save the world’, and he means it. ‘It feels like we're changing the world for the better.’


020 7631 5128

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