Oladimeji Soleye
Structural Engineer

Growing up, Meji was fond of using his Jenga bricks to build mini-replicas, on the family’s living room floor, of places he’d been to. It was an activity that married a love of solving puzzles with an interest in the built environment that was familiar to him. Fast-forward some years and he still loves to use design to solve challenges on his projects.

Meji completed his Masters in Civil Engineering at University of Nottingham. His favourite building typology is bespoke residential housing, but he can turn his problem-solving skills to any built form or function.

By understanding the requirements and limitations of a project, and investigating the possibilities to select the best and most efficient options, Meji delivers excellent results. He considers one of strengths to be his ability to keep his cool when rapid change presents challenges on a project. He loves helping the architects and clients bring their vision to life but acknowledges that ‘there is always a surprise in engineering’.

Ever the creative person, in his free time Meji enjoys museum and gallery visits, as well as cooking for his family and friends.


020 7631 5128



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