Samdar Khoshnaw
BEng MSc
Structural Engineer

Have you ever looked at the great edifices of history and wondered how they were built? The Colosseum in Rome or the pyramids of the Aztec and Egyptian civilisations?

Ever since he was a child, Samdar has been fascinated by them - how they were constructed, why they were built, how they endured. At one point in his youth, he yearned for a life in archaeology before his passion for solving problems brought him to study engineering.

Samdar believes a good engineer is one who can simplify a challenge to its component parts and strive for the simplest answer. He enjoys architecturally challenging projects and designing structures that respond to those challenges.

He believes that engineers have a responsibility to constantly strive for elegant and efficient design responses, and to ensure a positive societal impact. It’s a responsibility he enthusiastically shares.


020 7631 5128