Sebastian Mitel
Structural Engineer

Growing up in a post-industrial city, Sebastian long wanted to engage in restoring and improving the immediate world that surrounded him. It’s a desire that has informed his career.

During his degree at the University of Edinburgh, he focused on the relationship between structure and architecture. His Master’s thesis investigated the merits of historical methods in designing complex structures, and their adaptability to modern modelling techniques. He completed placements in industrial design and conservation during his education, which only strengthened his affection for working with historic fabric.

Prompted by his preoccupation with sustainability, he moved to Austria to gather experience designing structures with mass timber. He worked on various projects ranging from small Passivhaus residential developments to large production halls and multi-storey modular housing units.

Sebastian joined Price & Myers in 2022. With experience in conservation, timber design and fire dynamics, he is keen to question the assumptions behind every project. Always looking for ideas outside the box, he aims to make every structure fit for the future.


020 7631 5128