Tom Spawton

Much of what sustains us in the modern world is hidden to the eye, and not often thought of as we make our way through our busy lives. Tom is an engineer whose talent for mathematics and physics at school led him to see the invisible world around him in a different way. He is deeply interested in the design of infrastructure that is crucial for daily life to function, particularly that which relates to flooding.

Flooding is a major problem in the UK – one that can have a huge impact on people’s lives, cost huge amounts of money, release significant quantities of carbon into the atmosphere, and threaten the existence of established communities. For Tom, designing high quality Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is particularly rewarding, to help reduce the risk of flooding.

He is rightly proud of his ability to collaborate with clients, design teams and other stakeholders to create more sustainable cities, attractive places for people and improved habitats for wildlife. His work is often part of the invisible world, but it goes a long way to improving lives.


020 7631 5128

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