Yolanda Morphakis
BEng MSc
Structural Engineer

It was the blend of science and creativity that first drew Yolanda to a career in engineering. This curiosity has blossomed into a vocation, where she can have a positive social and environmental impact on the world. Not coincidentally, Yolanda is a keen gardener with an active interest in agroforestry, a land management approach that combines trees and shrubs with crop or livestock farming. Her London garden is slowly becoming her first small agroforest project.

Yolanda’s engineering interests centre on historic refurbishments, social housing, healthcare, education, community and sustainability projects, where her push for simple and low carbon solutions directly affect the wider community and the natural environment. In her spare time, Yolanda volunteers as a careers adviser and runs workshops on STEM and design subjects at her former secondary school and other secondary schools around London.


020 7631 5128



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