Burwell Lode Bridge, Cambridgeshire

The Wicken Fen is a nature reserve owned by the National Trust and is one of the most important wetlands in Europe. A new bridge over Burwell Lode Canal will be constructed next to an existing narrow concrete bridge. This bridge will allow pedestrian, cyclist, equestrian, livestock and National Trust vehicles to cross the Lode. We were appointed to provide both civil and structural consultancy services. The proposed works were undertaken in liaison with the Environment Agency to ensure that the new bridge will not increase the flood risk elsewhere and would not have a negative environmental effect. A flood risk assessment including flood mitigation measures was undertaken by Price & Myers Civil Engineering. A flood compensation scheme was prepared providing a new pond for the raised ramps within the floodplain. The excavated material was reused for the construction of the ramps ensuring a sustainable solution. A cut/fill exercise was undertaken by Price & Myers Civil Engineering to calculate the excavated volumes of soil required for the ramps. The proposed works also included the diversion of an existing watercourse that was running parallel to the Lode.

The National Trust

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