Butterfield Park, Luton

Butterfield Park is a new office business park in Luton comprising five new two-storey office buildings and associated car park and entrance road. This new business park is one stage of an overall scheme to develop the surrounding area with office, retail and hotel facilities. We were appointed to provide both civil and structural consultancy services. Our civil engineering consultancy included the design of the entire underground foul and surface water drain networks for the new buildings and roads and carparks. We also carried out ground modelling across the site to determine cut/fill volumes and designed all the external levels for the car park and the external landscaped areas. Based on a geotechnical soils investigation, we also designed all the footpath, road and carpark pavement build-ups. Restrictions were placed on the drainage scheme of the site in that no surface water was to be discharged off site and was to be dealt with on-site. This was a requirement from Thames Water and the Environmental Agency as part of producing a sustainable drainage design across the whole development. Whilst most of the car park was designed with an impermeable tarmac surface course, some parking bays were finished with a permeable tarmac surface. Another feature of the design was the use of earth ducts for heating and cooling of the buildings.

Completed 2007.

Easter Group

Hamiltons Architects

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