Caring Wood, Kent

This private house is built into a tall and steep bank in Kent. We were appointed to provide both civil and structural consultancy services. Earthworks, highway and drainage design for a large property and a new smaller house within a 34 Hectare site area. The cut/fill exercise was undertaken using PDS ground modelling software. Granular material was crushed on site and reused for the construction of the new one mile long road. The road was also designed to take the temporary heavy traffic during construction. The new junction between the site’s access road and the adopted road was designed in liaison with the Local Highway Authority. The drainage design was based on sustainable drainage systems, including a large pond and French drains, which were used for attenuation purposes. A new sewage treatment system was also designed to collect and treat foul water from the new house before discharging to the river via the water features on site.

Macdonald Wright Architects and Rural Office for Architecture

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