Sustainable Industries Park, Dagenham Docks, London

A sustainability and environmental infrastructure development to transform a currently fragmented and under-developed industrial site located on 66 hectares of brownfield land in East London. Dagenham Docks will become an exemplar park for emerging technologies operating in the field of sustainable resources and energy technology. Environmental sustainability is the key distinguishing feature of the Sustainable Industries Park (SIP) and the symbiosis between the various businesses in the park is maximised. The energy strategy for the park was to create a community level closed-loop energy infrastructure system. The key to achieving this goal was to go beyond reducing tenants CO2 emissions through conventional ‘micro renewable generation systems’ and to establish a unique self-sustaining energy loop for the entire site that could be fed directly from the waste streams of the industries themselves. The on-site energy sources that could be connected to form this network were identified. The network supplies renewable and low carbon energy to each of the industries on the development. The site-wide infrastructure was analysed and designed in order to ensure that individual buildings within the park could reduce their energy consumption sufficiently to achieve a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating. As part of the wider design team our aim was to establish a strategic and visual identity for this project that would promote sustainable development. Our environmental strategies were published in a ‘Vision’ and ‘Development Framework’ document for the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation. We were also appointed as flood risk consultants providing a site wide flood risk assessment which addresses all sources of flooding (including surface water) within the development and was will be used as the foundation for individual flood risk assessment that will be required for the individual plots. 

London Thames Gateway Development Corporation

Sergison Bates Architects

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