Burwell Lode Bridge, Cambridgeshire

A new landscape bridge forming part of the Lodes Way cycle network to Wicken Fen. The bridge will be shared between people - pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders on one side of the bridge and free roaming livestock on the other. Four long approach ramps made from compacted clay, which is extracted from around the site form the approaches. A vaulted arch structure made from steelwork and precast concrete spans over the canal, carrying a clay and soil layer to continue the landscape. The existing peat from the site is laid back down on the clay ramps to bed it into the landscape. A bound gravel track runs along the people side of the bridge, with sturdy fences separating it from teh livestock accessible areas. The first phase of the project included diversions of drainage ditches and the construction of part of the approach ramps and cycle paths was completed in 2013, the second phase of the project is awaiting adequate funding. 

Phase 1 completed 2013.

The National Trust

Price & Myers


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