Martello Tower Y, Bawdsey, Suffolk

The refurbishment and conversion of an early 19th Century Martello Tower on the Suffolk coast into a family home. The tower is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, and was derelict when the project started. We were involved from the inception working with the architects and English Heritage to assess the condition of the existing masonry and internal timber floor structure as well as to design the new additions. The original internal timber floor had decayed beyond repair. A new replacement internal timber structure was developed that shows off the internal vaulted structure of the tower. A new vaulted steel and timber roof was designed to 'float' above the original structure on slender pairs of tiebars, with bases cored into the solid brick fabric of the tower. The geometry of the roof extension appears simple, but is based on the complex relationship between the curved plan of the tower and the double curved form of the roof. 

Completed 2005.


Piercy & Co

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