Bridging the Kayumbu River
6th July, 2022

After a break due to last year’s travelling restrictions, we are once again teaming up with Bridges to Prosperity and Walter Lilly to help design and build a new footbridge to connects communities in rural Rwanda.

This October 2022, team members from Price & Myers and Walter Lilly will be heading to Muza, Rwanda to build a new bridge in partnership with charity Bridges to Prosperity.

By connecting people to services, and communities to one another, the footbridge will provide a safe crossing to ensure people will have access to access healthcare, education and trade.

The costs of the bridge will be jointly paid by Price & Myers and Walter Lilly, but volunteers are now fundraising to cover their expenses.

Support Billie Bonham, Jasmin Duru, Adam Goodburn, Alfred Jacquemot, and Juliet Skidmore fundraising and help them connect communities in Muza, Rwanda.

Bridges to Prosperity UK Charitable Trust fundraising & online donations | KindLink