Business Continuity: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
24th March, 2020

Price & Myers are closely following Public Health England’s guidance for employers and businesses on the issue of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). As part of recent Government updates and guidelines, we have put strong contingency plans in place to ensure we can continue to provide the best service possible.

We have undertaken the following measures.  These measures are in addition to our Business Continuity Plan:

We have a secure remote working system that allows staff to work from home. This system allows for full access to our server and email accounts.

We have stress-tested this provision to ensure that it can facilitate large user numbers.

We have appropriate software and systems in place to facilitate collaborative working and avoid all face-to-face meetings. This has been stress tested for both internal and external meetings.

Our telephone number is being forwarded to administrative staff to respond to external calls. In the event we are unable to answer your call, there will be a recorded message giving advice on the best way to contact us.

In addition to staff monitoring their own email accounts, our email account is being continually monitored.

The measures taken above mean that we are able to continue to work on our projects, answer emails and respond to queries