Congratulations to our new Partners
21st December, 2022

Price & Myers is delighted to announce the elevation of three of our Associates to Partners of the practice. We'll be telling you more about each of them in this article. Congratulations to our new partners: Ben Sheterline, Anna Wai and Balazs Bicsak!

We asked one of our newly-appointed Partners what they are looking forward to most in the role:

Ben Sheterline

"Becoming a Partner at Price & Myers has been an ambition of mine for a long time. I’m absolutely delighted to be working alongside my fellow Partners, acting as custodian of P&M and continuing to improve where we can.

I’m surrounded by a team of very talented engineers - all of us with the same goals of creating excellent buildings and spaces and collaborating successfully with our fantastic clients and design teams. I get a great deal of enjoyment from seeing my team develop professionally. As Partner I’ll continue providing a supportive environment for them to continue their growth, and I hope to inspire them along the way!"

Anna Wai

"I am absolutely delighted to have been invited to join the Partnership team at Price & Myers.

I recall joining P&M as a young graduate, and throughout my career I have worked with a lot of wonderful and talented engineers and technicians who were always willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge.

I believe the underlying company ethos enables us to have brilliant opportunities to work with fantastic clients, design teams and contractors to create some truly outstanding projects. and I have always enjoyed being part of the collaborative process. Over the years, I’ve very much enjoyed seeing the team develop and rise to the new challenges our industry faces, and as a Partner I would hope to continue to make P&M an incredibly supportive place and to encourage everyone to pursue passions and work on inspirational projects.

I echo my fellow new Partners sentiments; I feel incredibly privileged to be part of the team that will be guiding and shaping Price & Myers’ future, and excited for what it could hold."

Balazs Bicsak

"I recall me wondering - soon after I joined Price & Myers the first time 17 years ago - about how great it might be to be a Partner in a firm that is not only an inspirational place to work in but also provides excellent opportunities for engineers to collaborate with clients, architects, consultants and contractors to create outstanding buildings.

I am delighted that the day has come and I can contribute to shaping the future of Price & Myers as a one of the Partners.

I look forward to finding new opportunities ahead to work on inspirational projects with the hugely talented group of engineers at P&M."