Embodied Carbon Data for Building Structures
2nd March

Following our signature of the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Declaration, one of our first acts has been to identify a lack of as-built benchmarking data for the embodied carbon of completed buildings. This information is key, as reducing levels of embodied carbon can only happen if accurate current levels are known.

Over the past 5 months we have developed an internal dataset covering 80 buildings from our portfolio. Data was collected on all primary structural materials and combined with information on the building typology for each case to allow a detailed comparison exercise. All embodied carbon values are based on the current version of the ICE database.

We hope to increase this dataset over the forthcoming months, and we invite other practices to join us in collecting and sharing data. To encourage this, we are happy to share our own data publicly for the purposes of collaboration and improving industry knowledge of real-life building carbon values. In return we ask that to be credited for any work produced on the back of this, and please let us know how about any findings or questions in relation to the data.

A PDF version of our data can be downloaded here. If you would like to request an excel format version, please email Ben Gholam bgholam@pricemyers.com