Engineers Create
22nd September, 2022

Hosted by The Engineering Club, the ‘Engineers Create’ exhibition showcases models, drawings sketches and prototypes from its members.

Price & Myers presents “A building, a bridge, a stair, a parasol”, four 3D models each uniquely displaying the creative essence and scientific exploration of structural engineering.

Shown to the public for the first time, these four models of real-life projects (built or currently under construction) have been chosen for their ability to both demonstrate the projects’ feasibility and illustrate Price & Myers’ engineering approach across different scales, materials, and scopes.

The latest addition to Gaudi’s architectural masterpiece Casa Batlló in Barcelona is a new 14m-long stone staircase. The model was used to demonstrate the post-tension nature of the design and that the striking shape of the staircase was, in fact, achievable without additional support..

Cody Dock, London A working model showcasing the “rolling” attribute of the bridge. The model helped determine the weights needed to counterbalance the bridge’s movements and ensure its stability when in action.

Parasol, CairoA working model proved to MDT Umbrellas, an international manufacturer of large folding umbrellas, that the design for their largest ever parasol was possible, and all its complex moving parts were functional. The model showed that the structure for their 14m tall and 24m wide parasol was deployable even with very slender elements.

Gradel Quad New College, Oxford 3D model illustrates the difference in material between the building’s concrete frame and the geometrically complex timber roof. Due to the curvilinear shape of the concrete frame, the timber grid-shell had to be carefully designed and modelled to find the best combination of materials and techniques for its construction.

Engineers Create
Opening Times
22nd September to 1st October
noon- 6pm
St Pancras Church, London NW1 2BA