New Year, new Partners and Associates
5th January, 2024

Price & Myers is proud to announce our new appointments in 2024, welcoming two new Partners and five new Associates.

Head of our Nottingham studio, structural engineer James Schofield, and London-based civil engineer, Mark Gordon join our now fifteen-strong Partnership.

Our five new Associates are Charlotte Garven, Giulio Gianni, Bedir Bekar, George Reed, and Luis Sanchez.

Congratulations to everyone.

We asked James and Mark to tell us a little about their inspiration and their ambitions for their new roles.

Having worked at Price & Myers for nearly 18 years in three of our design studios, it is a great privilege to become a Partner at this fabulous company. I have been leading the Nottingham studio since August 2022 and I’m looking forward to continuing that role as a Partner.

I didn’t know much about Price & Myers before I joined other than they were a well-respected firm of consulting engineers that worked on varied and interesting projects. What I quickly found after joining was that the atmosphere in the studios is one of collaboration and sharing knowledge, which is a great benefit to any new starter and helped me settle quickly.

All engineers here are encouraged to take on as much responsibility as they can reasonably handle, and I saw that as an opportunity to learn quickly and progress. Being given the freedom to make decisions but at the same time always being able to ask questions of others and share ideas is, in my opinion, the best and most enjoyable way to learn.

I was given the opportunity to grow as an engineer and progress through the company to now being a Partner. I intend to offer the same support and encouragement to all of the Price & Myers team that I work with, so they have the same opportunities to learn and progress.

James Schofield (left)

I remember my interview with P&M some 14 years ago and being shown around the London studio by one of the Partners . Even in that short time, I absorbed the energy and culture of the practice. These days, I think tik-tokkers would call it “catching feelings”.

I feel very proud and humble to have continued and grown since then, through to my new role as Partner. The civil engineering team was in its infancy when I started, and has been cultivated to be an established and recognised part of the P&M family today. It means a lot to me. This can only happen in a culture of support, vision, and collaboration - a culture I am proud to preserve and shape.

The ability to inspire and to mentor is something truly important to me personally. Inspirational colleagues, clients and design teams have lit fires inside me, and I hope to continue to do the same for others, providing leadership, advice, and support to the team.

Civil engineering is often the key which unlocks a site’s potential, allowing for many of the amazing projects we are involved in to become a reality.

I look forward to working with colleagues, clients and design teams to unlock potential - from our projects and from each other.

Mark Gordon (right)

Our new Associates: (left to right) George Reed, Bedir Bekar, Giulio Gianni, Luis Sanchez, Charlotte Garven.