Will Rogers-Tizard has been promoted to Associate
24th January, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Price & Myers’ engineer Will Rogers-Tizard has been promoted to Associate. Congratulations Will!

Will joined the practice in 2014, and he has been a leading advocate for sustainability ever since.

He is an active member of our Climate Action Group and is helping advance our work in the built environment to tackle the climate crisis. Will has been very active in the creation and promotion of our embodied carbon software, PANDA, to our clients and collaborators.

Last year, the Institution of Structural Engineers awarded him the 2021 IStructE Young Engineering Professional of the Year Award. The award acknowledges one young engineer as ‘one to watch’ to the Institution’s global membership, and to the design and construction industries.

In 2018 he was one of five volunteers from Price & Myers to raise funds for and construct a suspended bridge across the river Rukubi in Karehe, Western Rwanda. Since then, Will has worked on projects ranging from the conversion of a derelict sawmill to the construction of the National Satellite Testing Facility in Harwell. Some of Will’s more significant projects include Hackfield School, 80 New Bond Street, and the Eco Business Centre in Bicester.

Here is Will, telling us more about what he is looking forward to now that he is an associate.

What’s keeping you optimistic for the future of the built environment?
The shift in mentality of the younger generation gives me optimism for the future. Whether its inside or outside of work there has been a huge increase in environmental awareness over the last few years. If that continues at the same trajectory, I think we can make significant improvements in the environmental sustainability of our built environment, and I really want to be a part of it! Environmentally conscious design is now becoming such an important design driver - it has given a new motivation to structural engineers to test the limits of our buildings, and it’s encouraging us to question the standard ways of doing things, in order to achieve better results.

What are you looking forward in 2022?
I’m really looking forward to seeing 80 New Bond St, the project that I have been working on for the past 18 months, move into the construction phase. It’s an adaptive reuse project and the Construction Stage is always where you learn the most. I’m excited to see it revitalised over the coming year.