RIBA Award

VXO House, Hampstead | Alison Brooks Architects

The concept of the 400sqm VXO project is to create a new 'domestic campus' of structures which integrate landscape, structural form and site specific art into a visual and spatial narrative. 
Folded and displaced ground planes, optical/structural illusion, inside-out and upside-down, and the graphic language of electronics informed aba's approach to the assemblage. The existing house is completely reconfigured on two floors creating a large double height glass gallery over the dining area to connect living space horizontally, vertically, and to the garden. 
Simple timber decks at ground floor level project inside spaces to the exterior, elevated planes which allow soft landscaping to flow around the house. Built-in furniture throughout increases the storage capacity and functionality of the compact 1960s spaces. The extension to the original 1960s house was conceived as an opaque timber-clad volume hovering over an open, glass enclosed foyer space which is the setting for three 'events;: the V-coloumn (structure acting as a primary means of expression), a new suspended stair hung from the first floor with walls of stainless steel mesh, and a site specific wall drawing by Turner-Prize shortlisted artist Simon Patterson which is also a freestanding screen wall extending from the interior to the exterior terrace. 

Source: Alison Brooks Architects