DfES/CABE Neighbourhood Nursery Initiative Winner

Firth Park Nursery and Community Centre, Sheffield | Panter Hudspith Architects

The design team proposed a building that creates a frontage on Hucklow Road, with the level change along this side of the site meaning the nursery spaces are above street level. The entrance to the Nursery and Community Centre is at the corner of the Park and faces the local shops. One of the main feature of the building is a covered street. Adjacent to the entrance of this street opens out into a two storey foyer with a cafe and terrace overlooking the park. 

Judges' Comments:
This Panter Hudspith proposal succeeds in addressing both the sensitive setting of the park, whilst also creating a building that has a strong relationship to the local shops and community facilities surrounding it. The community facilities, centred on an open foyer and the cafe provide, a strong focus for events. The nursery is integral to the community facility, yet secure. The proposal for the street creates a very flexible space for the children and carers to use for different functions. The new space in front of the building creates an inviting entrance to both the community centre and the park. The use of natural materials and the way the building tucks in below a rise in the ground level keeps its impact on the Park to a minimum.

Source: National Archives