RIBA Award

Locking Castle, Somerset | David Morley Architects

The campus combines a 420 place primary school, 26 place creche, special needs school (3-19 years) with community facilities and adult education college. The multi-storey solution maximises playground area. Ramps to first floor level provide excellent access to outside and improved fire escape for less able bodied pupils. A double height atrium links the schools with the community spaces, adult education and learning resource centre. Northlights provide natural daylight and ventilation to circulation spaces and classrooms. Attenuated ventilation to classrooms was used to meet acoustic requirements of DfES Building Bulletin 93 and provide a low energy solution. Maximum sharing between the two schools and community facilities responds to council's brief for a "community building that happens to be used for education". Wide consultation in early stages of design ensured a workable and agreed solution.

Source: David Morley Architects