National Homebuilder Design Award, Commendation

Coopers Road, London | ECD Architects

The recently completed first phase of Peabody Trust's regeneration of the Coopers Rpad estate in Southwark, replacing post-war mid-and high-rise concrete blocks of council flats, aims to provide a model for sustainable urban regeneration. Designed by ECD Architects, the development has clearly defined private, semi-private and public spaces. 
The mix of family houses and flats has been designed to give flexibility in meeting future changes in living patterns. A sustainable services strategy has also been adopted so that the development will easily be adaptable to future changes in technologies. For the apartment blocks, distribution of services of services is kept to the perimeter to allow for flexibility in future internal planning. The roofs have been designed to allow for the installation of solar panels and all the homes have received an EcoHomes rating of 'Very Good' for sustainability. 
"This is a great achievement for Peabody Trust," said a spokeswoman for the housing charity. "We are pleased to be recognised for our continuing commitment towards providing social housing schemes in London, using innovative techniques and materials and working with like-minded practices such as ECD Architects to achieve this aim."

Source: London SE1