RICS Sustainability Award

Attenborough Visitor Centre, Nottinghamshire | Groundworks Architects

The scheme is built on a sensitive site which is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the design meets the complex requirements this entails. It is also on a floodplain and is built on "stilts" to site above the 100yr flood level. 
The client was keen that the building should be an environmental exemplar and it has been designed to be carbon neutral, in so far as it generates as much power as it uses. The scheme incorporates a large array of photovoltaics to generate power, takes heat from the lake to heat the building and uses solar paels to preheat tap water. Systems in the building have bee specified to have low energy and low water usage. 
The materials in the building have also been selected to be as environmentally responsible as possible; all timmber is from managed sources, PVC usage has been avoided wherever possible, paint/varnish finishes are kept to a minimum and are to a green specification. The buildings envelope is designed to be maintenance free. 

Source: Groundworks Architects