ACE Engineering Excellence Award

Turning the Place Over, Liverpool | Richard Wilson

Sculptor Richard Wilson teamed up with engineer Price & Myers to slice an oval into a derelict office building facade that revolves alarmingly above the heads of passers-by in Liverpool. Richard Wilson's Turning the Place Over is deeply disconcerting. When you first catch sight of it in peripheral vision as you walk along the street towards it, a whole building seems to be peeling apart. The British sculptor has cut a huge oval shape out of the front wall of a nondescript, five-storey, postwar commercial building in Liverpool and mounted this portion of facade on to a 11m long circular, hollow steel tube or spindle. The spindle rotates, and because it is set at 50 degrees to the original plane of the wall, the oval section cuts back into the building and veers out over the pavement as it goes round. 

Source: BD Online