Building Better Heathcare Award, Judges' Special Award

Skypad: Teenage Cancer Trust Unit, Cardiff | Orms

The Trust's specialist units within existing NHS hospitals offer specialist care and support, but also aim to replicate a teenager's life outside, considerably improving quality of life and survival chances for these young adults. The Teenage Cancer Trust's Skypad - so called because it appears as a shimmering blue-clad pod lifted on stilts away from the existing hospital buildings - is the first faculty of its kind in Wales. 
The two floors offer a range of treatment spaces - staffed by a multidisciplinary team of consultant oncologists, psychologists, cancer nurses and youth support workers - as well as more intimate, private areas. These are particularly appreciated by patients - and parents - struggling to come to terms with their condition. Bedrooms are personalised to allow patients to select their preferred lighting, temperature and curtain settings. 

Source: Orms