Civic Trust Award, Commendation

The Royal Hall, Harrogate | Burrell Foley Fischer

The project began with the discovery of significant structural problems associated with the clinker concrete within the theatre. Initial investigations suggested that little short of major structural intervention would save the building. In the final analysis this intervention has been skillfully minimised by a creative design team. Few people get to see the interesting bits of these buildings, but the undercroft of the Royal Hall, which also forms a splendid ventilation plenum, is an extraordinary experience. 
The use of daylight and the restoration of the decorative clerestory windows is truly a triumph which enlivens and animates the space - gone are the 1950s dusty red velour curtains, until recently permanently closed; sunlight now floods the room, scattering a splendid palette of colour on the sensational fibrous plaster. 

Source: Architecture Today