Civic Trust Award

The Meat Factory, Nottingham | Marsh:Grochowski

At the end of an ordinary red-brick terrace in The Meadows sits a very unusual kind of home. 
A black zinc roof and wall areas absorb natural heat and channel rainwater for indoor use. 
Other walls feature strips of English-grown sweet chestnut, providing an attractive yet functional cladding which is light but strong. Carefully placed gaps in the cladding also allow natural ventilation. 
The main frame - made from recycled timber pallets glued together - is stiff enough to carry concrete floors which store heat and help it keep cool.
On the south-facing side, solar panels and solar water heaters poke out, looking like mini rain shelters. 
Every feature of the house has been designed with sustainability in mind, setting it technologically apart from neighbouring properties. 
Yet a red-brick envelope around the bottom of the house blends it in comfortably with its surroundings. 

Source: Nottingham Post