Civic Trust Award

Akerman Road Health Centre, London | Henley Halebrown Rorrison

Commissioned by Lambeth Primary Care Trust, Akerman accommodates three General Practices, two flexible medical suites, a suite of meeting rooms and offices for the Community Nursing teams and Local Authority Social Services. The objective was to consolidate services from a number of locations and a number of agencies on a single site, in a severely deprived London neighbourhood. The “skin-to-volume” ratio is excellent, with the budget directed to quality. Outside, substantial amounts of glazing, fine brickwork, bespoke precast concrete components and Corten frieze can be seen. Inside, generously proportioned spaces, excellent daylight, terrazzo foyer floor, precast concrete stair, bespoke signage, and artwork by Paul Morrison has been provided. Materials and finishes are robust, functional and visually coherent. The Centre has a strong, unapologetic presence in the local area and is easily identifiable as a piece of fine civic architecture. It achieves its aspirational goals of providing excellent facilities for an emerging community, and does this in making a demonstrably civic building that has changed the urban grain, informed the masterplan for the regeneration of the adjoining estate - the result of a hard-fought collaboration.

Source: Civic Trust Awards