RIBA Award

Seizure Gallery, Wakefield | Adam Khan Architects

The brief for this modestly scaled building is at first glance incredibly simple; it's a storage shed for an artwork. Though through its journey from inception to completion the architects have had to consider, among other things, construction logistics, art conservation, security, historic landscape, contemporary art, cultural memory, visitor experience, interpretation, sustainability and tectonic rigour and finally creating a noble and fitting setting for a sublime artwork. 
The tiny temporary building just a few square metres in area is a new dedicated gallery within the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, for the work 'Seizure' by Roger Hiorns. 
The new gallery is an integral part of the re-framing of this celebrated artwork in a new context, exploring issues of the sublime, the picturesque and the failure of utopian housing projects. The reading of this modest building is complex and contradictory simultaneously recalling ancient Neolithic tombs and workaday farm buildings; it's a beguiling combination of precious ark and utility bunker, the perfect concrete setting for this precious gemstone. 

Source: RIBA