RIBA Award 2015

Kew House, Kew, Surrey | Piercy & Co

The house is the product of an unusually close working relationship between the client - a structural engineer and boat-restorer - and the architect, both with an interest in pre-fabrication. 
The result is a bold, highly inventive and well-considered intervention in Corten steel in Kew Green Conservation Area, a neighbourhood not known for architectural adventures. The project benefitted from an extremely thoughtful process of neighbourhood consultation which satisfied local conservation and planning concerns. 
The perforated weathering steel cladding not only decorates the interior with dappled light, it is also an experimental sandwich panel roof, with insulation bonded to its underside, fully prefabricated. Gutters and chimneys are formed in the same weathering steel. It is entirely unique, avoiding reference to architectural convention.

Source: RIBA