34-36 Bruton Street

This project involved the demolition of five existing buildings while retaining the façades to number 34 and 36 Bruton Street and 13 Bruton Place at the rear. 1-9 Bruton Place on the north-east corner of the site, the oldest ‘barn structure’ in central London, was retained and restored in its original layout, with some new openings formed at ground floor to link it to the adjacent development.

The works included the demolition of all the internal floors and the construction of a new open-plan floor space behind the new and retained façades. A steel frame with cellular steel beams was installed to facilitate the large spans, aid services distribution and allow the structural frame to be erected quickly. To achieve the required floor-to-ceiling heights as specified by the tenant, the original basement floor slab was lowered by approximately one metre by underpinning the surrounding party and boundary walls.

Due to variations in the floor levels of the existing three buildings on Bruton Street, the proposed floor levels interfered with the existing windows of the retained façade of 34 Bruton Street. As a result, the existing façade was raised by approximately one metre by pinning back using a grillage of steel work and jacking up by a specialist contractor.

Completed 2014.

Project Information


Lancer Property Asset Management Ltd


Trehearne Architects




Ian Fussel

Nigel Jarvis