Adventure Play, Windsor Great Park
Egham, Surrey

Hidden within the woodland next to The Savill Garden at Windsor Great Park, you’ll find an enchanting world of slides, sculptures, walkways and treehouses.

The Adventure Play zone consists of a series of platforms, treehouses, and play areas at varying levels, intertwined between the existing trees. It is designed to fire the imaginations of children of all ages, and features something for everyone, no matter their age, needs or abilities.

The smaller walkways are formed in low rise timber with Robina posts where the loads are modest. The larger walkways comprise a series of steel frames, clad in timber to give an organic appearance. The floors, balustrades and roofs are formed using a timber frame/joisted infill.

The steel frames comprise a series of universal and hollow rolled steel sections with local bracing and tension (Macalloy bar) restraints. The main frames generally extend to a first floor raised platform level, except for four towers which extend to a second-floor level. Catenary rope bridges are suspended between the towers.

There are a number of trees across the walkway site, most of which have associated Tree Protection Orders and Root Protection Areas. Founding in these areas is unavoidable, and so a screw pile foundation strategy was adopted.

Project Information


The Crown Estate

Architect/Playground Designer





Completed 2023


The Crown Estate