Walltown Country Park, Brampton

On a clearing in Walltown Country On a clearing in Walltown Country Park, 40 miles west of Newcastle, stands Apertura, a temporary sonic sculpture in the shadows of Hadrian’s Wall.

The work of artists Ed Carter, Nicky Kirk and Tony Broomhead, the sculpture is formed from 1,900 copper chimes that celebrate 1,900 years of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the prevailing winds ripple and rest, so too does the evolving soundscape of Apertura.

The work also highlights a gap in Hadrian’s Wall, where stones were once removed to allow whinstone quarrying in the area – a practice that continued up until the 1970s. Inspired by the Wall’s role as a cultural meeting point, the artists point to a comment by German writer Rudolph Arnheim that ‘openings mediate between the worlds separated by architectural barriers.’

Price & Myers provided full structural design for the artwork, that is initially standing for just over a month as part of the 1900 Festival. This included liaising closely with the fabricator and the artists to ensure the bolted steel modules that make up the structure would be easy to transport and store for future events.

Apertura’s foundations use stone- and gravel-filled gabions that provide a ‘light touch’, leaving the countryside unscathed at the conclusion of the festival.

The 1900 Festival has extended its run until 17th October - APERTURA - Hadrian's Wall 1900 (hadrianswallcountry.co.uk)

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Northumberland County Council


Ed Carter, Nicky Kirk, and Tony Broomhead






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