Coastal House

Renovation and extension of this Georgian House on the Devon Coast. Much of the original character has been retained by keeping the existing thick rubble stone walls while rebuilding the internal timber structure, including some feature concrete elements.

Large exposed oak beams and posts with traditional joints support the floors, walls and roofs. Well-seasoned oak, together with limits on the strength grade, moisture content and growth ring orientation was critical in controlling performance of the long span oak beams both during construction and for long term performance. 

The central stair uses oak stringers with splayed balusters dowelled into the top face of the stringers. The balusters were prestressed by the handrail assembly allowing them to be as slender as possible. 

A herringbone strutted joist ceiling, within the drawing room, spans on to a scarf jointed beam held up by a tall cigar shaped post, with similar oak posts used to support the veranda outside this room. 

The north end of the house was raised with an additional storey, with the external stone walls capped with reinforced concrete and built up in softwood. The existing southern end trussed purlin roof was retained but the northern half rebuilt, including asymmetric trusses with large oak tie beams.

Completed 2016.

Project Information




6a architects




Johan Dehlin


RIBA South West Award 2018
Wood Award, Arnold Laver Gold Award 2017
Wood Award, Interiors 2017