Corner Fold House

Price & Myers worked with architect Whittaker Parsons to design Corner Fold House, a compact infill home for a downsizing couple in Peckham, London. The house is located between a substation and a short Victorian terrace, on a 3.9m-wide site that used to be a part of the yard of the neighbouring house. The new three-storey home, built on a tight budget and with considerable logistical challenges, uses the available space economically.

The house serves as a bookend to the short terrace. The building’s parapet folds elegantly around the corner, earning the home its moniker. And the red brick striped with concrete bands subtly references the surrounding Victorian terraces. Hit-and-miss brickwork on the façade facing the street allows indirect light into the front stairwell, while affording occupants privacy from passing foot traffic.

The project employed traditional construction methods to keep construction costs low and to ensure good build quality. The readily available construction materials were specified to increase thermal mass, which helps lower energy bills and ensures internal comfort.

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