Hierons Wood
Little Eaton, Derby

This exceptional and innovative four-bedroom home is located in the garden of an existing house in a former quarry. The house has been built using many sustainable features including the use of natural ventilation, underground ducts to condition supply air, and photovoltaic panels over the whole roof area.

The external walls were constructed using a timber frame with hempcrete infill and faced with natural stone laid dry. The timber framing for external walls and most of the floors used sycamore harvested from the site.

The house is part of a research project at University of Derby to determine the mechanical properties of sycamore for use as a structural material. Ongoing monitoring to analyse the moisture content of the timber frame and energy use will be undertaken by students at the university over the next five years. The aim is to encourage use of locally available materials, particularly those in abundance such as sycamore, to save importing materials from other countries.

Completed 2016.

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Latham Architects




Caroline Bridges

Derek Latham