Lakeside House

A new single-storey modernist house built on the edge of an extended lake.

The first challenge encountered by the team was the consideration of access onto the site for the construction vehicles. An existing bridge was checked and found to be inadequate of taking the capacity required and so a new bridge was designed and constructed.

Ground conditions were poor and the foundations for the house were piled with a suspended concrete ground floor. At the edge of the lake, a low-level deck was constructed requiring new foundations to be partly located within the lake.

Large column-free spaces and minimal structural depths have been designed to achieve the required modernist style. The roof is constructed using steel and timber with rigidly jointed steel frames, which kept beam depths to a minimum and provided lateral stability to the building where the large glazed elevations gave little opportunity for vertical bracing.

The result is a building with clean lines and a dramatic elevation which overlooks the lake.

Completed 2015.

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