Lot M3
North West Cambridge

The Lot M3 development is located at the centre of the wider North West Cambridge Masterplan. This part of the development is a reinforced concrete frame incorporating 10,000 sq m of residential and commercial space over a 3,900 sq m semi-basement undercroft housing a number of duplex apartments and car parking provision.

Along the length of the building at podium level is the 'long gallery', a landscaped corridor lined with trees, with access to the residential units either side. One challenge was to ensure the deep tree pits did not drive down the basement depth which would increase excavation costs. This was overcome by coordinating the location of the tree pits to avoid the transfer slabs, designing the supporting slabs to be as thin as possible and routing the basement's high level services around the pits so they can extend down into the service zone. The basement slab has been designed as a raft foundation to support the building loads and is far more economical than using conventional piling.

At roof level, communal gardens provide outdoor space with three link bridges providing easy access for all residents. As the roof gardens are directly above the residential units, they have two forms of waterproofing protection a conventional membrane and waterproof concrete.

Currently on site.

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Pollard Thomas Edwards