National Cricket Performance Centre
Loughborough University, Leicestershire

Based at Loughborough University, the National Cricket Performance Centre is a state-of-the-art indoor cricket training complex used by the national team, and opened by the Queen in 2003.

The building provides a unique daylit 80m long playing area allowing full run-ups for fast bowlers, and wicket keepers to stand back, along with Hawk-Eye cameras and advanced biomechanics analysis systems.

The main structure is made up of 1.5m deep tubular exposed steel truss portals at 5.4m centres, spanning the width of the building with longitudinal members supporting the rooflights, netting, louvres, and lighting below. The pavilion structure uses Slimfloor beams and precast planks to achieve a 7.2m x 5.4m grid in only 200mm of structural depth. The plank soffits are exposed, as is the carefully detailed steelwork throughout the building.

Completed 2003.

Project Information


Loughborough University

English Cricket Board


David Morley Architects




Dennis Gilbert