Norwood Hall

A new combined health centre to accommodate sport and recreation facilities including a 25m pool, large health and fitness suite and gym, a dance studio, PCT offices and consulting space, a customer service centre, GP practice, Dentist’s practice, and a resource and healthy living centre.

The building is cut into the side of a hill, just above a railway cutting, and therefore required careful analysis of the slope stability to prevent ground movement. The superstructure of the centre uses the thermal mass of exposed concrete soffits of the slabs as part of a natural ventilation strategy.

The surface water drainage strategy is based on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) which were designed to reduce the peak flow rates to the public sewers to Greenfield run-off rates. The site’s topography reduced the opportunity to direct the surface water from the proposed health centre to the landscaped areas, as the building was located at the site’s lowest point. Therefore, a green roof was introduced to the design.

Permeable paving was used for surface water drainage from the hard-landscaped areas. The permeable paving and the green roofs were connected to an underground attenuation tank which was linked to a Hydro-Brake flow control device.

A new adoptable access road was also constructed on site under a Section 38 Agreement. We produced the horizontal and vertical alignments, and the highway drainage for the new road.

Completed 2013.

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