Quintin Boat House
Chiswick, London

Our work involves the refurbishment and expansion of the existing Quintin Boat Club (QBC) boathouse, and creation of new sports facilities next to the Thames, on the site used annually as the exit point and presentation area for the Oxbridge boat race.

The project will refurbish the main 1920s boathouse - built on the site of an older Victorian timber boathouse - preserving the main frontage onto the river while repairing structural cracking, and remodelling the rear wing for use as changing rooms and service rooms.

Once the existing gym and storage buildings are demolished, a new boathouse will be built alongside the existing, providing increased boat storage, new training rooms, mixed-use classrooms, recreation and workout spaces and a large function room for hosting events.

A new rugby pavilion will also be built to accommodate a training gym and changing room access to the new flood-lit all-weather sports pitch, with a bar and viewing terrace incorporated into the first floor and banked terraces lining the adjacent side of the sports pitch.

The new buildings will be naturally ventilated, and timber clad above first floor, with a series of translucent rooflight panels to improve natural lighting into the buildings. Both the pavilion and new boathouse will share a common design, with hybrid construction to meet the challenges presented by the site.

Existing shallow foundations bear on compressible made ground and will be improved during the works, for which a new mini-pile system is currently proposed. The lower storeys will be formed of reinforced concrete frames and masonry infill panels to provide a flood-resistant base structure to the storage areas, while the upper storeys will be built with pairs of inclined glulam timber trusses running the length of the building and resting onto substantial cantilevering concrete columns. These columns will resist the lateral spread of the roof without the need for internal cross-ties, enabling the large double-height internal spaces to the key function rooms, gym, terraces and clubrooms.

As the site is located in Flood Zone 3 and is at risk of flooding from the Thames, we provided a Flood Risk Assessment for the planning submission.

Currently on site.

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