The Coal Office

The complete renovation of 10 Victorian arches, and five buildings above them, into new office, retail and restaurant spaces.

A number of significant structural interventions were required to the buildings to allow the distribution of new services and improve the circulation between the spaces, including the replacement of the main cross walls with new steel sway frames.

New openings through the original arches were also added to provide connectivity with the buildings above them and are formed with in-situ visual concrete.

Elements of new construction were required for a new plant room, which is concealed below the hard landscaping and roadway in front of the buildings, and a new roof top extension which is formed with visual concrete supported on a series of steel frames to help keep the vertical structure and minimal coordinate with the full height glazed elevations.

An assessment of the existing arches was undertaken to confirm their capability of supporting a fire tender.

We worked closely with the Architect, and the building services engineer to develop the drainage design for the building. Coordination with other design members was important to ensure the drainage routes would run between existing structures and services.

Completed 2017.

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Joe Dunckley