The Fishing Hut

The Fishing Hut is a beautifully compact timber building sitting over a lake, adjacent to the River Alre in Hampshire. The Hut has nine repeated glue laminated timber frames at 1.8m centres, which sit over galvanised steel frames into the water. The steelwork is encased in concrete, within concrete drainage rings.

The frames are oak glulam, treated only with a UV filter oil, used for durability and strength. In time the timber will silver to match the roof cladding and steel supports. The connections are as simple as possible, aiding buildability and providing a clean design. The beams are notched and sit onto the columns with a hidden screwed connection from the top.

The base of the timber columns are notched and sit onto steel tabs welded to the steel frame and bolted with concealed fixings. The floor uses softwood joists to span between the steel frames with cement board decking and an oak flooring finish. The roof uses softwood rafters with plywood decking, concealed by oak boarding to the underside and a profiled aluminium sheet on the external face.

A carefully designed oak shuttering system, using a stainless hydraulic system, allows the building to be completely secure when not in use, but provides unobstructed views across the lake when opened.

Completed 2014.

Project Information




Niall McLaughlin Architects




Nick Kane


RIBA Award 2015
RIBA South Award 2015
Stephen Lawrence Prize 2015
Wood Award, Gold Award 2015