The Hub
Regent’s Park, London

A new pavilion building occupying a prominent position within the Grade I listed John Nash landscape of Regent's Park to replace existing sub-standard changing and lavatory facilities.

The lower floor is occupied by changing rooms and is organised in a circular plan over 30m in diameter. To reduce the impact of the building, the lower storey is partially underground with the external ground ramped up, using spoil from the construction, to meet a viewing terrace above. A central steel helical spiral stair links the two levels. 

At the centre of the upper level terrace a fully glazed café has a 12m diameter, steel cable 'bicycle wheel' roof which was erected on the ground alongside the site and lifted into place in a single lift. The steel roof framing supports stressed skin ply roof panels, and a central ETFE pillow roof-light. The café roof structure is stabilised laterally by the cantilever action of the supporting columns, removing the need for bracing or wall panels.

Completed 2005.

Project Information


Royal Parks Authority


David Morley Architects




Mark Davies


Civic Trust Award, Commendation 2006
Prime Minister's Better Public Building Award Finalist 2006
Structural Award for Community or Residential Structures 2006