The Neville, Winterleys and Carlton Site, South Kilburn Regeneration Phase 4

This project forms part of the South Kilburn estate regeneration programme led by the London Borough of Brent. The Neville, Winterleys and Carlton (NWCC) site currently occupies three 1950s residential blocks ranging from four to twelve storeys. The existing buildings will be demolished and replaced with two new blocks ranging from five to twelve storeys to provide 264 homes in a mix of flats and maisonettes.

The north west part of the site falls within the High Speed 2 (HS2) sub-surface safe guard zone which imposes an exclusion zone around the perimeter of the future tunnel. We engaged with HS2 to understand the resulting limitations on the building design. A raft foundation solution was proposed within the safe guarding zone as piles would have penetrated the exclusion zone to the tunnel. Geotechnical specialists carried out a preliminary elastic analysis showing that the vertical increase in load at the tunnel crown will be less than 75 kPa, which is deemed acceptable by HS2.

The western block has a basement to accommodate additional car parking requirements. Due to the proximity of the site boundary and adjacent roads, steel sheet piles will be used to form the basement and to maximise useable space. The steel sheet piles will remain architecturally exposed, removing the need for additional finishes and therefore reducing costs. A reinforced concrete (RC) transfer slab is required over the car park layout due to the change in column grid. The superstructure to both blocks will also be formed in RC with steel balconies creating a thermal break.

We produced a Drainage Statement, Transport Statement and Travel Plan for the development. The total discharge from the site has been reduced to the Greenfield run-off rate. The two blocks use a below ground attenuation tank, permeable paving for storage and bio-retention tree pits.

The number of cycle spaces and disabled car parking spaces have been calculated in accordance with the London Plan. A Travel Plan to promote the use of sustainable travel methods such as walking, cycling and public transport was produced.

Currently in design.

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Pollard Thomas Edwards